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Welcome Planner Girls!

Be sure to Join our family to get all the news!!

The wonderful world of planners has EXPLODED!  What I find amazing about the Planner Community is the wide range of options for EVERY SINGLE PERSON!

From arty, embellished, utilitarian, decorative, colorful, glittery, basic, to every other spectrum, there is a planner for everyone and EVERYONE can find fun products and ideas that they are drawn to.

My aesthetic ranges a large spectrum as well.  Whether it is my Vintage Quiltdoris made from antique found Quilt blocks, or my cozy flannel Hearts and Wings Quiltdoris, I have a planner for every occasion and every topic!

Quiltdoris come into two sizes, the BIG DREAMS and Original sizes.  I use a large cahier size Moleskine in the Big Dreams, and the small Moleskine, WORD notebooks, or Field Notes size notebooks in the Original Quiltdori.

The Shop has Quiltdoris, Planner Clips and Fabric Washi Tape now stocked!  Stop over and favorite the shop to get updated when items are added!!

-Happy Planning and Listing!
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