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Putting Yourself Out There Companion Course Details

Want to know more about the Putting Yourself Out There Companion Course?!

If you have watched any of the Putting Yourself Out There Conversations that were posted on the Blog in August 2016, you were most likely inspired by all the stories the wonderful women who chatted with me shared.  Did you begin to wonder how to put their thoughts and recommendations into action for yourself?  Or think you wanted to move yourself forward with this excitement you received from listening to their words?

I knew I didn't want to let those little nuggets go to waste, so I started creating this Putting Yourself Out There Scrappy Journal to fill with all my notes and thoughts as well as a place to journal on specific prompts that will give my ideas some focus.

My hope for you is to #1 - Have fun creating this adorable, easy, and inexpensive journal, #2 - Learn a bit more about yourself specifically as it pertains to Putting Yourself Out There in some way, and #3 - That you move forward in your dreams and goals.

Putting Yourself Out There means something different to each person, it doesn't have to mean you are on stage in front of thousands of people, it could be something as small as showing up for yourself in a new and positive way.  Let's start with one step and see where it leads us!

We have a growing little Facebook Group for those who join the class to support and share with each other.

Here is a little video to give you an idea of what to expect!

Your time is now!  Come and Join us!  Click Here to Join!

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