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Day 3 * No Ideas * - 5 Reasons Why You Aren't Being Creative - And How to Turn it Around

Hi All -

Now you have given up Perfection from Day 1, I am hoping you have considered leaving Comparison at the door or at least turning Comparison into Inspiration from Day 2 as well.   We are now ready to tackle our Day 3 Excuse - No Ideas!

We all get stuck in ruts.  We make the same 4 or 5 meals for dinner, we watch the same shows, read the same magazines or similar books.  After being in the same routine for awhile let's decide we need to be creative or do something new.   So now what?  Any ideas?  You might sit, think and then get frustrated with no inspiration and end up sticking to the same routine.

Let's not let our lack of ideas stop us in our tracks.  You know we all have lots of cookbooks we've made only 1 or 2 recipes out of, we have patterns we've never opened or begun, we have magazines full of ideas, Pinterest Boards full of things we've pinned to "try later", and let's not forget the HUGE source of ideas....the internet!  So how do we have an excuse of no ideas??

What might be more true is we have too MANY ideas.  When we feel overwhelmed it is pretty common to become frozen with too many choices and not be able to move forward with just one.

So this is what we are going to do.  Start making a list of a handful of ideas of things you want to try. It might be a new dish to throw into the dinner circulation, or a crafty project from Pinterest.  Let's not get overwhelmed, just grab a few ideas....we'll do a little more planning tomorrow, but for now start getting some ideas percolating.  I'm going to peek through my Pinterest boards and get some inspiration from some journal pages perhaps, and maybe find a few of the Egg recipes to try since our Gals have been laying like crazy.

Getting closer to our July Challenge, and I'm so excited to share with you what we are working on!!

Go Cultivate your Creativity list!

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