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Day 2 *Comparison* - The 5 Reasons You Aren't Being Creative and How to Turn it Around


I hope you all took some time yesterday to think about Perfectionism and have decided to throw it out the window because we have another big excuse to tackle today!!  This one is similar to perfection in a way.  When we think of perfection we are thinking our project has to be the best, or whatever we think of as "perfect" - without flaw.  However, when we use this next excuse we are not necessarily thinking of perfection, but we are looking at someone else's work and thinking ours is "less than" if our project isn't as "good" or the same as another's.


We all are guilty of comparison.  We may just do it once in awhile, in one facet or another in our lives, or may find ourselves doing it constantly.  Maybe shopping for jeans looking over and wishing you could buy the smaller size the gal next to you is shopping for, or maybe it's walking around your neighborhood hoping your garden will grow as perfectly as someone's down the road.  With Social Media it makes it even easier to fall into this trap.

Let's face it, most of what people post online are photos and videos of magical moments, perfectly staged and laid out photos of a beautiful project, a plate of the most delicious looking dinner, or a well-kepted and decorated corner of their home.  If we all take a moment to truly think that through, do we really believe that those people's live are that perfect?  Do we think that they live in a fairy land and that all their meals turn out to be winners?  All their projects turn out amazing?  Their homes are spotless, organized and their pets and/or kids are really well-behaved and always super clean?  NO - this simply isn't true, and why do we let ourselves think that it is?

We also don't know what is going on in other people's lives behind the curtain.  We don't know how many flopped dinners were made before that delicious non-burnt dish was plated up on that gorgeous platter that we see on Instagram.

A shot of a few items on a clean desk might mean there is a stack of bills, magazines, and scraps of fabric on the ground next to the desk {hand-raise to that one.}

{My Art Studio - What you don't see too well are the boxes stacked in the back corner full of stuff I didn't get through yet, and the other side had more boxes, and there are many boxes that were moved down the barn to a closet....oh and it stayed this clean for about 20 minutes}

So let's just stop comparing our lives in any way to others.  Let's also stop assuming just because a few photos of a project or someone's home, etc on a feed are beautiful that their lives are perfect.  I had an old friend on Facebook send me a note recently that said my life looks so simple and fun.  I had to laugh.  Fun - yes I can get with that.  Simple?  Hmmm, not so sure.  You just never know the whole story.

Also when we compare ourselves to others many times the default is, my "X" isn't as good as hers, so I am just defeated, I won't try, or I will just quit.  If you are having a hard time letting go of Comparison COMPLETELY, then at least turn it around a bit.  If you find you are a little jelly of a neighbor's garden and how weed-free and gorgeous it looks, then get yourself back to your garden and start pulling those weeds!  If you wish you could buy the smaller size of jeans that the gal next to you is shopping for, then head over to the gym!

Comparison can be turned into Inspiration.  Use the things you see in others to Inspire you to be a better YOU.  KEEP IN MIND that last bit.....  Be a better YOU!

Ok All - Sit on that one for a bit, mull it over and see if we can't let this excuse go too!

We are going to be SOOO ready to Cultivate some Creativity into our lives for the upcoming July Challenge when we let go of all these excuses!!

See you tomorrow!!


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