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Day 5 * NO TIME* - 5 Reasons You Aren't Being Creative and How to Turn It Around

Hi Creatives!

It's the last day of identifying our excuses....We have covered Perfection, Comparison, No Ideas/Too Many Ideas, No Plan/Organization, and finally we have our last excuse!  I am going to venture to say this last excuse maybe the MOST used and the GO-TO excuse that we have for being Creative, and really for nearly all things we don't DO in our lives.


We are in a time in lives where we are all SO BUSY.  We jam pack activities, work, commitments, volunteering, housework, family time, cooking/eating, maybe a little SLEEPING, and we aren't left with a lot of other time left to be Creative, or whatever other thing we are making excuses to not do...Do I hear a NO TIME for the Gym?!

The bottom line is that we will make time for what we really want in our lives.  We need to make being Creative a priority if we want to Cultivate it into our lives.  This doesn't mean that we need to set aside 4 hours a day to learn how to create a sculpture of a donkey, but it does mean choosing carefully how we spend those in-between moments when we aren't doing the absolute MUSTS of our day.

Create a list of the MUST DO's you have on a typical day.  It might include things such as Feeding your family and eating together, Work, Housework, Family Time, Working Out, etc.  Now think about the ways you spend the in-between times, perhaps Social Media, The Bachelorette, Relaxing on the Front Porch, etc.  I'm not telling you to scrap all those extras, that is not what this is about.  It is about choosing whether those can still fit into your life as you bring Creativity in as well.

As you created your list, or PLAN of ideas for Creativity did any of them fit into a MUST DO category?  Did you have a new recipe you wanted to try?  If so, fit it in with FEEDING YOUR FAMILY!  Did you list trying a FUN Run with your family?  If so, fit it in with FAMILY TIME.  Your creativity can not only give you a new way of doing things, but it can spread out among your family as well.

If your list of Creative Ideas aren't all capable of fitting within the MUST DO's then consider those in-between moments.  Can you do any of those Creative projects while doing something else?  Can you try your new Coloring Book or Embroidery Project while watching The Bachelorette?  Can you Listen to a new Podcast that you are excited about while you scroll through Pinterest or Instagram?  Can you try out a little watercoloring while sitting at your child's sports practice? or waiting in line to pick them up from their activities?

The GOAL here is to find those times and find ideas that you can trade out for some of your current routines, just make the commitment and DO IT.

*Photo from Jen Osborn, our Guest Teacher at Handmade U this Fall.

We aren't trying to add hours of activities into your day, we are fitting bits of time in your day to add Creativity.

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Spend some time thinking through these excuses, and any others that I didn't mention!  Share in the comments if you have one I didn't discuss!  Would love to help you get to the other side of it!!

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