Friday's Class

Instructor: Kristen Robinson

Class Description: 

A Beautiful Journal in May – Mixed Media Fabric Journal

I believe documenting the days that make up our journey is one of the most important gifts we can leave for our future. In class we will create a plethora of beauty as we work with a bounty of mixed media elements. Not only will we be painting but stitching, creating with wax, ICED Enamels and layering elements. The possibilities for this project are truly endless as this is the tale of your journey!

I will not only cover elements of composition but also walk you through the construction of your journal from the most basic of watercolor pages to my tips and techniques for layers of paint, fabric and found objects. We will explore combining textures and color as well as develop our own personal markings. While the kit includes a crème color scheme please feel free to integrate colors you of your choice.

Please Bring
Images and Clip Art
Found Objects (keys, jewelry, chain, beads)
Doilies, Lace any Fabric that Speaks to You
Ribbon or other Trim to Incorporate
Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine
Embroidery Needle – #22

Kit Includes
½ Yard Crème Fabric
Crème Felt
Watercolor Paper
Sheet Music
French Book Text
ICED Enamels
Crème Embroidery Floss 

a place to keep all your thoughts and secrets!

layers and layers....

sweet trims...

what will you be inspired to share in this glorious journal?!?

Saturday's Class

Instructor : Ruth Rae

Class Description:  

Story Box of Dreams


The process of creativity will unfold as we discover how Collected mementoes and thoughts can become united  to build your very own story box. Clay, plaster, paint and wax will be utilized to create your very own story box where recognition of found tokens and dreams will provide evidence of your journey.


The kit fee will cover everything you need to make your story box.

Student supply list:

2 or 3 acrylic paint colors
Cotton rag
Heat gun or hair dryer.
Small bowl for water.
Small glue gun and glue sticks.
Wire cutters
Chain noise pliers.
Paint brush ( one small detail brush and a few I/2 inch foam or cheep bristle brushes) 

Please bring Small photos, images,paper scraps, book text, small bits of fabric, lace, ribbon, trim, buttons, old jewelry or any small items you would like to use to adorn your story box. 

Fun techniques for these amazing details...

Incorporate your special treasures into this one of a kind box....

Can't wait!

Two wonderful classes!  I hope you can join us!!