Day 21: Cultivating Creativity with Kathy Wilkins

Hi Everyone!

Day 21 brings us a special conversation with the amazing Kathy Wilkins. If you don't already know Kathy, she is the co-founder of Brave Girls Club, a talented musician, DIY'er, stitcher, maker of the most delicious home cooked meals that warm your heart and so much more. She has a lovely family with lots of adorable kids and grandkids!

Thanks Kathy for spending some time discussing Creativity, and really calling us out on our time excuse. We DO make time for what's most important to us. So do we want to prioritize being creative?? Let's give ourselves permission to be creative not only as a reward after everything else is done, but as part of what we need to do each day to make us a whole person.

Kathy also reminds us that we don't start as experts, we are going to be really really bad before we are good at something new. That we have to practice and learn how to do things, even being creative. Find the joy in the process of cultivating creativity and not just the Harvest. And realize that even those people you look up to as super creative and talented, that even those people have made bad stuff. They aren't highlighting it and posting those things, they post what they are happiest with of course. So keep practicing.

Take a listen in to our chat:

Cultivating Creativity with Kathy Wilkins from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

Will you take Kathy's recommendation and take lessons for something that you want to learn? Want to pick up the guitar? Take a few lessons at a local shop to see if you enjoy it! Want to learn to knit? Find a yarn shop around the corner and take a lesson on that! There are plenty of local lessons that you can collaborate with others wanting to learn, or an art retreat. If you prefer online classes, search for a topic you enjoy, or even find some Youtube videos to try something new.

What do you want to learn??

Thanks Kathy for your wisdom!


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