Day 28: Cultivating Creativity with Dianne West

Hello Everyone!

Don't you find when the temps are a bit cooler than the doggiest days of summer and the humidity is down it's just easier to be in a good mood??  I'm loving the cooler mornings to take the puppy out, give the chickens fresh water, and hose down the garden.  Oh and today I decided to pick the first two tomatoes to see if they are ripe enough....not quite sure they are, but I couldn't wait any longer.  I can't believe how many tomatoes we are going to have with just four plants that started out so small!!

Today's #CultivatingCreativity Conversation is with Dianne West.  Dianne shares some great tips and thoughts on how to keep moving on Creativity - take a listen:

Cultivating Creativity with Dianne West from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

Talking with Dianne reminded me of an idea we had years ago.  I am totally going to host a Handmade U semester one day soon where we just work on unfinished projects!!  Wouldn't that be fun?!  Who is in??  Don't we all have stacks of them in the corner or back of the closet not seeing the light of day!?  I think we need to bring one or two out - put it in that front and center position to shine some light on it!

I'm with Dianne on having tons of projects, and we love to get excited about a new technique or medium and go all in.  I love Dianne's suggestion of checking out some of the free classes, Youtube videos or tutorials before you go nuts with buying supplies and spending time on big classes.  Spending a little bit of time watching someone else doing what you are thinking of doing might clue you in on if you might like it.  Get in touch with those things you think you might really enjoy doing and then move forward on trying those new things that you need more supplies for!

Also let's keep in mind as Dianne mentioned, that it is not always about the finished project, that it is the creative process that there is always something to be gained from!  Wise words!!

Thanks Dianne!  Go find her over at these many sites!

Tending Your Heart and Soul - {brand new site and more to be added soon!}

IG:   @tendingyourheartandsoul
IG:   @dianne_west

Widowed Village:
Soaring Spirits International:

Now go be creative....

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