Day 7: Cultivating Creativity with Kim Hill

We are chugging along during our first week of July!  I hope you are all enjoying the process of finding time, encouragement and planning to be creative!

Today's conversation is with my special guest Kim Hill.  Kim is a Mother, Artist, and sometimes Art Teacher.  She lives with her family in Washington D.C. and I enjoy having her as a Handmade U Alumni, looking forward to seeing her at the Red Barn this Fall.  {We still have some tables available for you if you want to join us!}

Please enjoy our conversation!  Let us know your thoughts!

Cultivating Creativity with Kim Hill from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

I'm inspired to try something brand new now after talking with Kim.  Also I love her idea of tackling Visual Journaling, sketching and drawing the scenes on a trip or just in your day to day life.

I'm thinking a Moleskine Sketchbook would be the perfect size for me.

You maybe into the larger sketchpads depending on what you will be drawing.

I have a handful of sketch pencils and charcoals I think would work well for this project.

If you want to add color grab your colored pencils as well.

I also like that Kim mentioned mixing new things into other parts of your day. Whether it be adding a new workout into your day,

Or, trying a new recipe for your family. I am sharing this cookbook, because it is my favorite, and I eat the Polenta, Sausage, Red Grape, Gorgonzola dish many many times a month! {although I typically skip the cheese on it - it is so tasty though}

We can all pick one thing new to try, and see what we think! If we like it great! If we don't like it we certainly don't need to continue it, but perhaps it will make us think of something else we would enjoy!

Let us know what you try new this month!!

Thanks again KIM!


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