Day 29: Putting Yourself Out There with Charlotte Lyons

This morning let's play a game of pretend.  Let's pretend it is yesterday and that you are reading this then ;)  Thanks for your patience as this little video was difficult and sassy about getting pieced together and loaded.  So I learned a bit about iMovie, though I have more to learn I'm happy to share this video with you.  You'll get to see Charlotte Lyons and hear me too.  I promise I'm there just a little cut off ;)  I figure you've seen quite a bit of me this month anyway right?! ;)

Now to the important stuff!  Charlotte Lyons designs and makes things in a variety of styles and media. Still inspired by the humble simplicity of traditional art and craft and the inventive use of repurposed materials, Charlotte aims to mix an unfussy playfulness with the vintage charm of handmade keepsakes.

Over the years, her work has been featured in her books (Mothers and Daughters at Home, Between Friends), those with Mary Engelbreit and Barbara Martin and also in magazines such as Country Living, Victoria, Woman’s Day, Better Homes and Gardens and Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion. Currently, she designs for licensing, her Etsy shop and teaches workshops nationally.

Come take a listen:

Putting Yourself Out There with Charlotte Lyons from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

Thanks to Charlotte for sharing her perspective of how things have changed over the years.  From sitting on your stoop chatting with neighbors, to posting things online, we really have changed the face of what is possible in putting yourself out there to a much larger front porch as Charlotte described.  As she put it, you'll be alone if you don't put yourself out there is some ways.

The ideas of sharing your gifts and teaming up with friends is a great one.  I always enjoy having a friend to encourage me along and for me to do the same for her.  Find someone who you can team up with if you need some extra nudges!

Be sure to along the way build your community that will lift you up when you need it, will encourage you along, and perhaps even push you to finally get out of your comfort zone and moved into a new exciting time in your life!

Thanks Charlotte for sharing your story!!

Now go be creative!


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