Day 10: Putting Yourself Out There with Jenny Doh


It's the middle of the week and I'm thinking you might need a dose of inspiration today to keep going! I'm sharing with you today a great, thought-provoking chat I had with the incomparable Jenny Doh of Crescendoh.

In her words:
"Regarding my paintings, a person once told me that she liked my "whimsical angst." I really like that description and am happy to classify my painting style as such. I also like to describe my style as "magical realism," where I celebrate the essence and not just the likeness of my subjects from both my real life and imagined life.

I also run Studio Crescendoh in the Artist Village located in Santa Ana, California, where I teach painting and fiber arts and also show my works there. I also host visiting artists who teach their art in the studio to learners who travel from all over to participate."

You can find Jenny over on her blog/website HERE to see what she is painting, what classes she is offering in her Studio Crescendoh and so much more! Also follow her on IG @jennydoh

Come listen to our chat:

Putting Yourself Out There with Jenny Doh & Handmade U from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

Lots to consider and think about right? I am interested in taking a look at the books Jenny mentioned:

I love the idea of letting the audience in on a story. Don't we all enjoys things more when we know the secrets behind what is put out there?! From understanding why an artist created her most recent masterpiece, or what her process is, the early works, etc. It all adds to our connection with those putting themselves out there.

I appreciate Jenny's idea of being honest with where you are TODAY, and to put work out there TODAY. It will be shared as part of a long line of work and how great will it be to see the progress to come. Just try it and as Jenny said "Put out an honest nugget". See where it takes you and the connections that will come.

Also the idea of sharing specific, honest, and real bits of yourself is pretty liberating isn't it? All you have to be in you, and you don't have to figure out this WHOLE BIG THING to share, just start small and be open. As Jenny said, never under-estimate the importance of those mundane things you think don't matter, because they do.

Thanks so much Jenny for your wisdom and shared thoughts!

Now go be creative,

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