Day 26: Putting Yourself Out There with Kelli May Krenz


Happy Friday Everyone!  Hoping you made it through the week with gusto and as few bumps and bruises as possible.  I am happy to share my conversation with the always charming and fun Kelli May-Krenz.

Kelli lives with her supportive husband and sweet puppy Pearl Button, who is the namesake for her business! Kelli is a creator, graphic designer, artist, Brave Girls University teacher, and sweet colorful soul.  Please go check her beautiful greeting cards out on her website!  So talented! Be inspired!

You can find Kelli lots of places!
IG @kellimaykrenz
Her Blog:
On FB @pearlbutton

Come take a peek:

Putting Yourself Out There with Kelli May-Krenz from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

One of the many things I admire about Kelli is that she is consistent, she tries to create every day and she shares that with us.  I love seeing what she is up to each day, and it always inspires me and makes me want to go create as well.  She just shows up as she puts it, even on those days she might feel frazzled, she shows up and is seen.

Her belief that if she is authentic, real and open she will draw in those like-minded souls is a good one.  Be yourself, you want those who connect with the real you to find you, not those expecting someone else.

Sometimes we get stuck in not knowing what to share, what to put out there.  Kelli has great advice that when you see a need that needs to be filled and you feel called to fill it, that is what you can do to start putting yourself out there.  Also the fact that when you put positivity into the world over and over, you start to believe it, even if you might not have in the beginning.  So be a light for yourself and others.

Finally, something I am going to do ASAP is a vision board of a goal.  Here is one that Kelli did to get herself published!  It worked over and over.  Great job!  Thanks Kelli for all the great bits of wisdom and practical advice!

Now go be creative!


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