My One Little Word - Word of the Year : LEARN

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Have you all picked your Word of the Year, or One Little Word??  Some of you probably started this process at the end of last year and got started Jan 1 right? Or are you with me in feeling I'm behind in getting this year started?  Feb 1 is feeling more reasonable to kick off the year for me.

I did choose LEARN as my word.  There are so many things I want to learn and all that is stopping me is not taking the first step and doing it.  I figured I'd make a list of all my online courses I still have access to and pick one to get started on.

However as the year began I felt compelled to turn LEARN a bit on its side and incorporate in TEACH.  I was having so much FUN with my zipper pouches and others were commenting they wished they knew how to make them too.  So I decided to create the Zipper Pouch 101 online course.  I didn't realize how much I would truly LOVE seeing all my sewing students' completed pouches and the "in process" pictures they are sharing!  So proud and filled with admiration for those who even while scared, picked up their zippers and started sewing!  They did it!!  I haven't had one person yet FAIL, and I don't think I will. You can join us in this fun easy to follow video class by purchasing the class HERE!  Check out all the fun vintage kits too!

I still am focused on my word LEARN, however I think it will be cuddling up with TEACH hand in hand for the year.  I will be sharing opportunities for you all to LEARN too!

I have enjoyed seeing the Special Word Cuffs that people have made from my Brave Girls' University course, and have decided I'll be posting a new course soon.  The course will be a manageable sewing course that you can enjoy learning one Quilt Block a month for the year!  At the end of the year you will have a wonderful Sampler Quilt to put together and have quilted.  Throughout the year if you love one block I'll show you how you can create an entire quilt with that one block.  Anyone out there that has a desire to create their own quilt to pass down through generations, but never believed they could, this course will be for you!!

This is the first block I'll be teaching!  It's called the Jacob's Ladder block.  A classic.

I'll be announcing the roll-out soon!  If you are already a BGU member, YAY!!  If not, click on this picture below to sign - up!

I will receive credit for your use of my link, and your friends, so thank you thank you, this helps me keep offering courses such as these!!

There is still time to sign up for Handmade U - Spring Semester May 4-6!  We'll be Stitching away in the Red Barn!  Come join us!  Click HERE to register!

Hoping you are staying COZY this Winter!  xoxo, Rachel

January Update and DRUM ROLL PLEASE ... Learn with Handmade U - Zipper Pouch 101 !!!

Happy New Year!!

Is it too late to still say that?!? I fell off the blogging train at the end of last year with the holidays, the new year, and trying to catch up from it all! Are you caught up yet?! Anyone else still have a dying tree in their living room waiting to come down?!

The silver lining is that I've been busy finishing up the highly anticipated first Sewing Online Course in my Learn with Handmade U series!! The first class is dear to my heart because I've been obsessed with whipping out Zipper Pouches like crazy the last couple months.

Since we have our Home Study paperwork in and are starting that process, the Adoption is becoming more real each day, so it always pushes me to be a little more nimble with the sewing machine in hopes of growing our Adoption Fund!! Thanks so much to all of you that have contributed by purchasing items from my little ShopHandmadeU shop on Etsy! It is so appreciate and all adds up! 

Also thanks to those that share my shop with others who might be in the market for some fun handmade items.  During the holiday market I participated in last month, one customer commented that my shop looks very COZY! I LOVED that.  Cozy is the name of the game during this COLD January in Nebraska!

So back to the topic at hand.... ZIPPER POUCHES.  If you LOVE Zipper Pouches like I do, and really want to customize yours to the perfect size or special fabric you have, NOW is the time to learn.  I just released my Zipper Pouch 101 course online and it is a SIMPLE and QUICK way to make the perfect pouch!  You do NOT need a ZIPPER FOOT!!  I had been afraid of zippers for FAR too long, with no desire to switch out feet on my trusty sewing machine, so I just bought pouches that weren't totally ME, and dreamt of the day that I would be able to skillfully throw a zipper in a bag!  Finally I decided that there was no time like the present and really how hard could it be?!?  So I researched all the various ways of making a zipper pouch, picked and chose the little techniques here and there that were easy, simple, quick, and worked for me.  I combined them all together to create this Zipper Pouch 101 course for you!

No need to scour the internet or patterns to find techniques you can handle easily, it is right here for the taking!  Sign up before the end of January for the special price of $16!!  That is cheaper than a pouch, and imagine all the pouches you can make!  They do make amazing gifts btw!

More classes will be coming to embellish and enhance your pouches, and this course 101 will be your basis for all those to come!!  There are bonus videos to show how to add fringe trim or a patch on the front of the pouch.

I also have put together some amazing kits with vintage quilt pieces and antique fabrics with everything you need to complete the full pouch beyond your sewing machine, thread and some scissors!  (More kits will be added when my Jingle Bell order comes in!!  Didn't I tell you all the kits come with a zipper pull jingle bell??)

Hurry on over and get started!  You won't know why you waited so long to learn!!



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