New Website and New Blog!

Hi Everyone!  Welcome to my new Website and Blog!

I'm excited to bring together my blog - which was in the past called Rach-ology - with my Handmade U website.  Now you will find all the details on our upcoming Handmade U semesters along with all the happenings out at the McGough Homestead.

You'll also be able to keep up with my Instagram @rjmcgough, Youtube - Handmade U , and my soon to open Etsy - ShopHandmadeU

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We are in the midst of the cold, snowy winter here in Nebraska.  I'm looking forward to the Spring for so many reasons.

Here are a few peeks around the Homestead:

The McGough Hens have finally gotten into the groove of laying eggs!  Yay!  I'm in search of some fun egg dishes, if you have ideas please let me know!!

The girls are laying a variety of brown speckled eggs, one pale green, and a couple peachy/offwhite eggs.  They are as tasty as they are pretty :)

They love their little red barn....especially when the sun is shining!  Please come back SUN!

I'm keeping warm during the outdoor chores with my new Sorel snow boots.  I love them.  They keep my toes warm and dry, and I can just slip them on and off to take little Miss Cora McGough out to roll around in the snow.

Oh and I fell down the rabbit hole that is called Lula Roe leggings.  Beware, Beware, and I apologize to those I've brought over to the buttery soft side.

Did I say I am missing the sun!?  Please come back and stay awhile!

Christmas stayed awhile here at the Homestead, it finally was put away this week.  The whole inside tribe came around to watch and pow-wow.  

Last weekend I drove out to Cedar Rapids, Iowa for a Midwest Planner Girl meet-up.  Two of my Nebraska Planner Gals came along for the ride which was appreciated on the 4.5hr drive (each way). We had a great road-trip with a stop at Sonic of course.  I will give you more details shortly.  

One of the things I brought along was a couple pieces of my newest obsession - Fabric Washi Tape for each of the 125 attendees!  I love it, I hope they did too.  I was glad to have a chance to visit with some of the gals when I ran around and handed it out.  

The pack of Washi below, I made for a prize for my Quiltdori Adopters Facebook page participants!  Fabric Washi will be available at the Handmade U Shop soon!  Congrats to Nicole for winning this pack!

I hope you follow along on this new site as I get it all built out! More fun to come!!  

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