Day 31: Next Steps: Putting Yourself Out There Companion Course Preview!!

Hi Everyone!  Thanks for being here with me at the end of this glorious month of Handmade U Conversations!  Can you believe it is the end of August?!  I can't believe this month has flown by so quickly.

We are deep in the process of getting ready for our Handmade U Fall Semester!  The ladies will be here in just over a week! YIKES!  Final details are being worked through and cobwebs are coming down in the Big Red Barn:)

I have to take a few moments though to talk about what the month of Putting Yourself Out There videos have meant to me, and what I've heard they've meant to many of you that have commented and shared your thoughts with me and the ladies who I chatted with.

I can't thank the women enough that took the time to chat with me, Put Themselves Out There as it is, and share their stories and experiences to provide us with inspiration and encouragement for us to do the same.  Do you see that we are all the same?  We are all just at different points in our journeys, but we ALL start with the first step, and we only get where we want to go if we keep taking those steps, whether they are baby steps or giant leaps!  The point is forward momentum is a good thing.

I have a whole journal full of notes that I took on these conversations.  I have gone back over them time and again throughout the month and been inspired.  I started thinking about digging deeper into how and why I put myself out there, and what more I can do to raise the bar and keep reaching towards bigger goals.

That is why I decided to put together the Putting Yourself Out There Companion Online Course!  I hope you will join me!  You'll make a simple, fun, inexpensive journal to hold all your notes and all your thoughts on the Journaling Prompts that I provide.  The prompts will have you digging deep on this topic, and getting your momentum going to catapult you towards your dreams and goals.

The Handmade U Conversations remain on my Public Blog, but I will provide you with a handy reference of links to each one to make sure you didn't miss anything.  Also you will have a couple handfuls of How-To Videos, quick and to the point, to learn how to make this journal, and where to find all the supplies easily to make it.

The Introductory Cost of the course will be $29 in September.  If you sign up below for the Handmade U Newsletter you will receive a discount code for $4 off.  Watch for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT and Link to sign up VERY SOON!!  Once you sign up, you'll be included in the Private Facebook Group to circle around with this Tribe to support and encourage each other with the project, but more importantly with stepping into your goals in Putting Yourself Out There!

Take a peek at a teaser!

Putting Yourself Out There Companion Course Preview! from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

Thanks for being with us this month!

Now go be creative!


The Putting Yourself Out There Online course is now LIVE.  If you are watching these conversations and wondering how to put all of this into practice for yourself - you will have a fun project and journaling prompts to help!  HERE is the link to join!

Want to join the Brave Girls University family??  - Join HERE! to take my course along with TONS of others you will receive as a member.

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