Day 15: Putting Yourself Out There with Vanessa Kiki Johanning

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  If you haven't already be sure to catch Sandy Glass and Elena Lai Etcheverry their chats were posted over the weekend.  Both are great and inspiring.

Today I need to share some COLOR, Some SMILES and Lots of FUN, so of course I want to share Vanessa Kiki Johanning once again!

Vanessa "Kiki " Johanning is an international full time Mixed Media Artist with more than 20 years' experience who loves to find the sparkle in your eye while embellishing every surface of life!
A passionate collector of embroidered doilies, smiles, and experiences. She plays at a wonderful Imaginarium Design Studio, and is represented by several galleries in the Midwest. She is a published Trendspotter, Designer, Art Event Teacher and Inspirationalist. Everyday..looking for happy life changing moments!

 Find her at her website HERE
And on IG @vanessakikijohanning

Do yourself a favor and give yourself a cheerful smile and listen in!

Putting Yourself Out There with Vanessa Kiki Johanning & Handmade U from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

If you watched that and don't have a smile on your face now, I'm not sure what to tell you.

Kiki is so right in sharing that we need to set big goals, and keep setting them once you've accomplished others.  Writing it down helps so much when it comes to acknowledging what you want and then taking steps to get there.

Are you a 1 Pin person or a 12 Pin person??  I love Kiki's story about working at the bank.  It really talks to knowing who you are, and living your truth.  We aren't necessarily saying quit your job tomorrow if it doesn't fit who you are exactly, but consider taking steps to move in a different direction, OR fill your non-work life with things that will FILL up your soul of who you are.

I always did well in math and studied actuarial science, so my jobs after college centered around numbers, finance, actuarial work.  I started scrapbooking years ago and was a Scrapbook consultant hosting workshops and retreats to really FILL that side of me.  It was what I decided to do to not give up the day job so to speak, but still be true to what I enjoyed.

Also I love that Kiki's friends realized who she was when she was making these changes, they thought it was just her being normal!  I bet your friends would feel the same way, they know you and love you, they want you to be the true YOU.

Take Kiki's advice - this is your one time, just do it, have fun!  The Fun Police will not come by and tell you you are doing it wrong!

So go grab some pinwheels and make some giggles.

Thanks KIKI!!

Now go be creative,


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