Day 7: Putting Yourself Out There with Dianne West

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Day 7!  Today we have Dianne West back with us to chat about how she has put herself out there!  Find her at all of these places!!

Tending Your Heart and Soul - {brand new site and more to be added soon!}

IG:   @tendingyourheartandsoul
IG:   @dianne_west

Widowed Village:
Soaring Spirits International:

Listen to the chat here:

Putting Yourself Out There with Dianne West from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.
Thanks Dianne for sharing your story.  Even as an introvert she knew she needed to find her tribe, she searched and searched to find the right ones even when some doors didn't open.  She kept looking and found groups that were the perfect fit.

I love that at 65 Dianne is living her dream of becoming a teacher for her Soul Restoration Retreat next March!

She has done things she didn't think she could do, she has quieted her junior high voice and done amazing things after being in retreat mode.

Remember even when someone might look like they are doing great and having the time of their lives they may be facing challenges and issues we just don't know. So never assume and always support!

Thanks Dianne!

Now go be creative,

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