Day 18 : Putting Yourself Out There with Joanne Sharpe

Hello Friends!

Today is a really fun chat with Joanne Sharpe.  I've admired her doodling artwork for sometime so it was a special treat to "meet" her and chat about Putting Yourself Out There, she's done it and continues to every day!

“Whimsical art maker” Joanne Sharpe is a colorful mixed media artist and enthusiastic teacher with a passion for art journaling, lettering, doodling and illustration. Joanne’s playful art has been featured in the popular publications Cloth Paper Scissors, Studios, Somerset Studio, Somerset Art Journaling and Somerset Apprentice magazines. In addition to teaching nationwide, she has been licensing artwork to the craft, fabric and giftware markets for two decades. Joanne resides in Rochester, New York. 

You can find Joanne on her website 
on IG @joannesharpe

Be sure to check out her new book, it looks amazing, it's on my wish list!

Or this one looks great too!

Come listen to our chat!

Putting Yourself Out There with Joanne Sharpe & Handmade U from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

I took a full page of notes again on this chat!  So much good stuff from Joanne.  I loved the idea of Putting Yourself Out There as a leadership role.  Think of yourself as a leader in whatever it is you want to share, and know you are sharing to help others.

Also I agree with Joanne in sharing what you would want to learn, seen, experience etc.  Putting your own spin on things will help create authenticity and will bring to you a community of like-minded people.  I started Handmade U because I wanted to learn something specific, and I wanted the weekend to unfold the way I wanted to spend a weekend gathering with friends, enjoying art-making in a relaxed atmosphere and I wanted to eat good food ;)

Keep in mind not everyone will love what you are putting out there, but plenty of people will.  Be ready to put in the work, be prepared, and show that you know what you are doing (even if maybe you don't quite know yet!)

I need to start a Love Notes folder like Joanne did.  What a fun way to be able to go back to those supporters comments when you are having a hard day, or someone gives some bad feedback, it will be such an encouragement to have that folder of goodness!

Take Joanne's advice and Be Brave, Just Do It, what's gonna happen?  Look at it Half Full - people could really really love you!  Put your BEST Self Out there!

Thanks again to Joanne for such a fun chat!  I enjoyed it so much.

Now go be creative!!

The Putting Yourself Out There Online course is now LIVE.  If you are watching these conversations and wondering how to put all of this into practice for yourself - you will have a fun project and journaling prompts to help!  HERE is the link to join!

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