Day 11 : Putting Yourself Out There with Anna Oginsky

Hi Everyone!

I hope your week is going great.  Today it is HOT and humid at the McGough Homestead, so Cora and I are checking on the barn kitties and chickens an extra time or two.  We are excited to have Fall right around the corner (hopefully)!

What I am also excited about is to bring Anna Oginsky back onto the blog today for another Handmade U Conversation chatting about this month's topic of putting yourself out there.

Anna is a happily married mom of 3.  She is a writer, loves to make art, teach classes and lead retreats in Michigan, where she lives with her family and their big yellow lab. She also just published her first book! Anna loves the intersection of creativity and community. ❤

Take a listen to her thoughts on PYOT!

Putting Yourself Out there with Anna Oginsky & Handmade U from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

So we all put ourselves out there don't we?  Each day we do little things that are outside our comfort zone?  Whether sharing an opinion or maybe something you've created?  Are you like Anna who used to think it's already been said before, or what you have to offer might not be good enough??

Are you going to wait until you are just bursting with something to share?  Wait until you are so stuck that you have to let it out to get things flowing again?  Or will you just put it out there?  Get unstuck, let it flow like a river as Anna put it!  Try it!  You really won't know until you do.

Watch those around you and see how they are putting themselves out there, do you notice anything horrible and tragic happening to them when they post a picture of their artwork, or share a thought on FB or maybe a blog?  They are living through it right??  Don't you think it could be the same for you?

As Anna mentioned, in general, people like to see people doing things that make them happy.  You will find a community that will rally around you and support you!  Expect some people might not like it, but that is why you will have a community that will, they'll be there to back you up and turn to if you would ever get feedback that isn't constructive.

Open yourself up to more space to create new things, and let what you have now go on an adventure like Anna said!  Don't babysit it, let it go and see where it takes itself!

Thanks Anna for all your great wisdom!!

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