Day 5 : Putting Yourself Out There with Kolleen Harrison

Hi All!

Today is Day 5 and we are working through the month chatting about Putting ourselves out there with some amazing women.  Today's special guest is Kolleen Harrison.   Kolleen is the founder of LOVEWild and creator of Mahabba Beads.... A mama, a maker, a lover of love.

I enjoyed this chat with Kolleen so much! She talks about creatively putting yourself out there, and finding the courage to just do it. Take a listen!

Putting Yourself Out There with Kolleen Harrison and Handmade U from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

It is the simplest and best advice just to DO IT! I also love the added recommendation from Kolleen to not put any expectations around it. It is pretty freeing when we let ourselves just put something out in the world without the worry that we won't get 100 LIKES, or no sales, or people will wonder what the heck we are doing, just put it out there and see what happens. Whatever the outcome you will see that it'll be easier the next time you put yourself out there, and it'll keep getting easier the more you do it.

Also Kolleen's thoughts about starting a blank canvas and knowing you won't be forced to show anyone! Just do it for you, and then you can decide if you want to share it later!

I am definitely in favor, based on personal experience, of her suggestion of putting yourself out there in a LIVE in person retreat. There isn't much of a stronger chance to find lasting friendships than circling with women who are looking for a similar experience.

 Whether it is a creative retreat or whatever type of event calls to you, if you feel that pull, GO! Click SUBMIT and get your booty there. You will love it. You won't imagine all the good things that will come from that one brave moment of signing up.

I also love the thoughts Kolleen shared on following and trusting. Sometimes we don't know where our creativity or pulls will take us, we just need to trust that they won't lead us astray. Listen to your Inner Guide. Be true to your compass.

And in the words of Kolleen's husband - One sure way to FAIL, it to not TRY!

Thanks so much Kolleen for joining us today!! Such great wisdom!!

Now go be creative,


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