Day 16: Putting Yourself Out There With Erin Faith Allen

Hi Everyone!

Today I'm working on lots of projects around the homestead, Handmade U prep is in full swing, I've asked the Barn kitties to start sweeping up and cleaning all the cobwebs, but I don't think they are too game on that.    We had a load of wood delivered, so we are all set for the Smoked Pulled Pork for our goodbye dinner at Handmade U, always a fan favorite!  Can't wait.

I am sharing my conversation with Erin Faith Allen today.  I love re-listening to these conversation to take notes and really hear the conversation.  So many good bits of wisdom shared by Erin in this one.

You can find Erin on her website HERE!
In her words "Making art helps me process my existence with it’s richly cascading and intertwining sounds, textures, and colors.

I incorporate mythology, symbolism, and anatomy with multiple layers of mixed media technique and materials to express my perception of the world … sometimes light and delicate, sometimes overwhelming and intense.

My art carries themes of ancestral lineage, mothering, collective female experience, traumatic memory, and the choice each day presents:  do we exist solely within our personal tragedies or do we weave life from a place of empowered wisdom?

In my artwork lies the dance between these choices; the spectrum of living includes both.

We must know our depths to know our heights: we must howl in wild stark exposure at the moon in order to know true bliss in the glow of sun." 

She has released short documentary films peeking into the inner world of artists.
She teaches mixed media art workshops and organizes artist retreats in international locations.
Her online Art School has just been released and her book is out as well!  Go check out all the goodness on her website!

Take a listen to our chat and let me know what you think!

Putting Yourself Out There with Erin Faith Allen from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

TERROR!!  Is that what comes to mind for you when I say Putting Yourself Out There??  If so you certainly are not alone!  No need to take giant leaps, just take baby steps, one at a time and you will feel liberation in doing it as Erin describes.  I love the idea that keeping yourself closed off is so much worse than letting yourself come out with the real you, it may give you a moment of anxiety or yikes feeling, but after that it is FREEDOM.  It hurts more not to do it.

I also like Erin's advice about following your inner guidance.  Listen to that thump, if you have been suppressing it for a long time it might take some effort to hear it, to be moved by it, but dig deep for it.

We are here to be living examples for one another, be inspired by those around you, and let your actions of following your inner thump inspired others to connect to themselves.

Erin is so right when she shares that you will be met with people who will look you in your eyes and see you, and you will see them.

JUST DO IT!!  (Nike needs to be sponsoring this series for SURE!)

Now Go Be Creative!


The Putting Yourself Out There Online course is now LIVE.  If you are watching these conversations and wondering how to put all of this into practice for yourself - you will have a fun project and journaling prompts to help!  HERE is the link to join!

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