Day 17: Putting Yourself Out There with Molly Meng

We are at the mid-week point people!  I hope it's going well!!  Today's chat should brighten your day and add some enthusiasm into your life!

Molly Meng is an Artist, Teacher, and Storyteller as well as designer/ owner of the greeting card business, 8mm Ideas.

She is a collector of the weird and wonderful and has a studio full of the unimaginable.
Her work is inspired by vintage ephemera and the potential history that exists within these random items.  

>From gallery shows to large-scale or personal commissions , Molly creates "fictional history" pieces of artwork to fit every emotion.

She keeps a studio in downtown Los Angeles with friend and fellow creative, Robert Mahar, and teaches workshops there, as well as around the U.S. and France.  

Molly has been partnering, for the last 20 years, with her sister, Kaari Meng of French General, several times a year to host creative retreats.

She also has a great love of performing and has recently started to take her show on the road, telling stories to live audiences.

Recently, Molly walked into her local Post Office and saw a way to bring more love to the institution!  
She asked about creating rotating displays in the empty cases and the idea was heartily welcomed!
The first of the displays are in the Atwater, CA post office at the time of this writing.  More to come...

You can view Molly's Creative Live teaching videos through their website,

Or see Original Artwork on her Etsy site,

Check out DTLA workshops,

Instagram  @molly_c_meng

Come take a listen to our chat:

Putting Yourself Out There with Molly Meng and Handmade U from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

Doesn't listening to Molly just get you excited?  Her enthusiasm for life is really infectious!  I love hearing that even really outgoing people who don't mind walking up to those strangers, or friends you just haven't met yet, also have things that make them nervous too!  Selling your own stuff, whether it be artwork, or whatever it is you make or do, is scary and tough!  But take Molly's lead and keep going to that next place, that next person until you start getting those yes's.  They will come when you find your audience, when you find your people!  Believing in what you are doing, knowing you are doing good things will help keep you going!

I also love the comment Molly had that people don't know you or care until you introduce yourself and let them know what you are interested in.  Isn't that the truth?  Of course people don't know you or care until they know you and care!!  DUH!  Why don't we know this and understand it all the time?? Let's remind ourselves of this so we can move beyond the fear and put ourselves out there so people can start to know us!  So we can be seen!  

I also love that thought Molly shares and embodies, that Enthusiasm helps every situation.  Even if you are nervous or fumble your words, if you go in with enthusiasm it will help carry you!  People will see the enthusiasm and hopefully will join in!

Acknowledgment is what a lot of us are looking for, and we can start to get that by acknowledging others.  People like to be noticed, notice them and make connections.

Build yourself a community around what you are doing.  Bite off what you can chew and get going!!

Thanks Molly!!  Enjoyed chatting as always!!

Now Go Be Creative!


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