Day 24: Putting Yourself Out There with Vikki Spencer

Hi All!!

I am always so happy to share one of my conversations with you all!  Today even more so because of two things, #1 - because I had to sit in front of Menards to upload this baby because our internet at home was so not working for me today, but thanks for a good cell connection and a hotspot, and #2 - because I am chatting with one of my favs, Vikki Spencer.  (more excited about #2 of course!)

Vikki Spencer is a mom coach, speaker and author inspiring women from every stage in motherhood to be their most phenomenal. A former high school teacher, she teaches moms to create lives and families that flow with passion and purpose. She calls them to use their emotional, mental, and spiritual resources to learn about themselves then intentionally care for and influence their families.
Vikki also wrote the book Momifesto; 9 Practices for Phenomenal Moms and you can find her online at

Our conversation is a little longer than most, we could have gone all day, really we could have.... While re-watching to take my notes I filled up 3 pages! That is one, two, three. Just so much good stuff.

Grab a tea and join us!

Putting Yourself Out There with Vikki Spencer from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

Ok where do I start??  I guess first things first is I need to sort myself.  Who am I kidding, I rarely do that, I have an idea and just do it, and have another, and maybe add that in as well.....but I think Vikki's idea of sorting it first, maybe make a rough draft, give it a little air, and then let it go into the world is such a great idea, I think I may try and invoke that into my idea pursuing!  Baby Steps!

I love her thought that there is strength and beauty in the overcoming of our insecurities and sharing what is BORN from our SOUL.  WOW, that is so true, such a wonderful observation.  It takes strength to share your gifts, it does, so let's recognize that, celebrate it.

How about the suggestion of reducing our expectations of what will happen when we put ourselves out there?  Seriously what a relief that would be too!  When you post something on social media, how about we don't check back every so often to see how many likes we are getting, and if we do check, don't get disappointed that there are only 3 people that like it....let those expectations go....share because you HAVE to, and keep your focus on that, and it will all come.

I also love the thought of ideas being orphans and that if we don't take them they'll go on to others, which is good and fine, but when we do take them in, do all you can with them, and then you'll feel at peace with it, and you can call it done.

We all want our gifts that we share to be well received, completely perfectly planned, amazing, and so on.  So work hard to get them ready, however don't sit on them for so long working towards an idea of perfection that will never come.  At some point be OK with letting them go into the world.

And finally can we all agree that the way others see us putting ourselves out there is NOT how we see ourselves?  We all encourage and support our friends and family as they put themselves out there, we say YES, YOU GO! Why hasn't she done this sooner?!?  YOU ROCK! All of the good stuff.  But to ourselves we say, are you sure you can do it?  What if it fails? what is people don't like it?!  Let's talk to ourselves like we are our best friend.  Big Risks, let's take them.

Thanks Vikki for ALL your great wisdom.  Another fun chat in the books.

Now go be creative!


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