Day 28: Putting Yourself Out There with Cori Spieker

Hi Everyone!

In under the wire I wanted to share our Sunday Handmade U Conversation with the very inspiring Cori Spieker, otherwise known as The Reset Girl on social media.

In her words:
"I’m Cori Spieker and am known on social media as The Reset Girl. I gave myself that name when life’s circumstances offered me the option to push the reset button and start over. And what a blessing that decision has been. In this exciting chapter of my life, I am a passionate planner girl, inspiring thousands of other planner girls on my Instagram and YouTube channels with my photos, tips, encouraging messages and how to videos. I am the creator and hostess of the ListersGottaList challenge on Instagram, a creative activity that over 15,000 people participate in each month. I also recently launched a wonderful planner and scrapbook collection as a collaboration with Simple Stories. In addition, my new husband and I are accidental entrepreneurs, running The Reset Girl Shop together and supplying the planner community with beautiful and original planner stickers and decorating kits that make planning a form of creative expression. Encouraging women to use their creative gifts is my passion."

Find Cori on her website linked above, IG @theresetgirl and Facebook here at theresetgirl

Come take a listen to our chat:

Putting Yourself Out There with Cori Spieker from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

I find it so inspiring when you chat with someone who is living their passion and doing so well at it, and hear their backstory.  Hear about what their Day 1 was like, when they decided to participate in something they loved, only to have it turn into a life changing moment.

What if your step into sharing your gifts, doing what you love could change your life?  Would you do it?  How will you know if it could if you don't try?

How many of us view pictures on blogs, or IG and think our lives couldn't compare with those people, who would want to see what we have going on?  By finding something you love, and searching out a community of like-minded souls you may find that there are people who are waiting for you to join in and participate.

As Cori described, we all have our own perspective and way to do things that will inspire others.  Keep in mind too that others that we see out there have been working for years learning the skills to do what they are doing.  But they started with no skills too, and they started.

What can you start today?  Keep Perfection in it's place and give yourself Grace.

Thanks so much Cori for joining us and inspiring everyone!

Now go be creative!


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