Day 4 : Putting Yourself Out There with Jennifer Belthoff

Happy Day 4!

Every time I re-watch these chats before I upload for you all, I take a page of notes and think this is my favorite chat! Each time. I love each of these ladies for putting themselves out there, for sharing such great wisdom and personal stories that we can relate to, such good stuff, all of it.

Today is such a great one! Jennifer Belthoff joins us from NJ. Jennifer is an avid writer and runner. She is the creator of the Love Notes Postcard Project and enjoys connecting people through the mail. Find her at her website HERE! Also on IG @jbelthoff and her Love Notes Postcard Project HERE.

Take a listen in on our conversation!

Putting Yourself Out There with Jennifer Belthoff from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

I think I need to go buy a pair of running shoes after listening to her chat.
Aren't these cute?

After my page of notes I took throughout this conversation I found these my favorite tips from Jennifer.

- PYOT can be as simple as doing something out of your comfort zone

- Turn to a loved one that's passed away to have your back and be with you in those moments

- What is the biggest thing that could go wrong? write it out, journal those and all those good things that could happen too!

- Just HIT SUBMIT, and then work out all the details to get yourself ready!


- You are really allowing others to see you for YOU

- Learn How to FLY!

- Talk to yourself like you are talking to your best friend xoxo

Great advice! Love it all. Thanks so much Jennifer for chatting and sharing and PYOT!

Now go be creative,


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