Handmade U

EIGHTH SEMESTER April 23 -25, 2015

Welcome to Handmade U! We are happy that you stopped by to visit and see what is in store for our 8th Semester!!

Handmade U - Spring 2015 is coming April 23 -25 and we have a FUN Schedule for the weekend!!

I am happy to announce that we have the Amazing Melody Ross here for an All Day class on Saturday and Me - Rachel McGough for the half day Friday class coupled with showing you my favorite Antique shops the rest of the day!

We will be at the new HOME of Handmade U outside of Waverly, NE for our 2nd Handmade U in the BARN LOFT!

Take a browse through the pages to learn all you need to know about Handmade U. Take a walk down memory lane at past Handmade U's too!

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Hope to see you when the School Bell Rings!!


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(and my awesome parents who helped a ton!)

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5- Peaters!!

What Peater will you be??  1-Peater, 2 -Peater, or 6-Peater??

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