Day 30: Cultivating Creativity with Branda Schrader

Happy Weekend All!

Today is the LAST of the Cultivating Creativity Conversations!  I would be really sad if that was truly it and the end, however I am really EXCITED to start sharing the new August Conversations with a Fresh Topic!  All that will be shared soon!  {if you are part of our email tribe you may already know!}

Have you enjoyed the July topic and challenge?  Have you done more creative things in July?  Or just recognized some of the things you'd been already doing are CREATIVE things?

Today I want to welcome my friend Branda Schrader to the blog!  You can find Branda on IG @bodybyBranda and on FB @LulaRoeBranda.

Cultivating Creativity with Branda Schrader from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.
There was a lot of great tips in our conversation! First I love how Branda put it that being Creative is a matter of self-care. Much like working out, creativity just makes you feel good and happy. Branda admitted that she gets straight cranky if she hasn't been creative in awhile! Been there, haven't you? I think her suggestion of scheduling the time to be creative, and taking it one step further and SHUTTING OFF YOUR PHONE!! ACK THE HORROR!!! is such a good idea.

I'm about to get out a little journal notebook to start planning some new meals. I tried a new one last week which wasn't too bad - Chicken Lettuce Wraps.  I made them a bit too gingery and spicy, but next time toned down, I think they'll be good!

And Branda suggesting to follow a kids lead is a great one. If you have kids, just let them lead you into creativity, they've got it going on I bet!

I love re-watching these and taking notes in my July Cultivating Creativity book I'm putting together! Will share when done! Do you love taking notes and capturing all the great words of advice to peruse later?

I'm a bit obsessed with notebooks of all shapes and sizes. I love making notebooks too! Check out my Youtube channel for a few videos on making your own notebooks! Also take a peek at these fun notebooks I've got in the shop!

Now go be Creative....

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