Day 13: Cultivating Creativity with Jennifer Hayslip

Hi Everyone!  It's the 13th Day of our Cultivating Creativity July Challenge and each day I am feeling more and more inspired by these women I am chatting with.  Not only do each have such wonderful thoughts and tips for us, but I love how the thread is shown through each of the conversations that we all have the same struggles with keeping our creativity up and in the forefront of our days.

Today's conversation is no exception.  I am excited to share my conversation with the beautiful and talented Jennifer Hayslip coming to us from Georgia.

Jennifer Hayslip can be described as modern day Renaissance woman who has crafted a life that she loves as a mixed media artist, photographer and event planner. Her mixed media work is best described as whimsical and fancy.

She has a colorful palette of things she enjoys. From decorating, styling, photography,and vintage collectables. Her detailed eye, love for styling, and decorating has rewarded her with editorial features of her home, art, and workshop events in publications worldwide.

I was lucky enough to attend one of her fabulous event in Savannah, Georgia maybe 6 or 7 years ago.  It was beautifully planned and the decor was certainly whimsical and fancy!  Such a treat.

Listen in and let us know if you are raising your hand too when we talk about how we have tendencies of Multi-Potentialites!

Cultivating Creativity with Jennifer Hayslip from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

Here is a website I found on Multi-Potentialites - read about it here!

I think this is the Ted talk that Jennifer mentioned to me about the topic as well.  HERE.  I'm going to go take a listen in.

Are you finding you have too many interests?  Too many things on your list and you just get stuck with not knowing what to start with?  Take some time tonight to review that list if you have one, if you don't write all your ideas down.  Keep a notebook or journal handy to keep a running list of all the ideas that pop into your head!  Then as Jennifer mentioned during our chat, Prioritize!  Pick one or two things that you'd like to accomplish or start this week and stick with those things!

We know when that shiny little thing in the corner of your house or a fluffy white bunny runs by we might just get a bit distracted, but trying to focus on your priorities will really help for you to accomplish something!

Be Creative!

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