Day 10: Cultivating Creativity with Megan Hoeppner

Happy Sunday and Day 10 of our July Challenge on Cultivating Creativity!

I'm excited to see posts from you all with new recipes, new ways of cooking old favorites, racing to enter your paintings into a gallery event, sketches, doodles, colorings, etc!  I hope all the conversations so far have not only given you some fun new tips, but inspired you to think of your own!  I appreciate so much those that are sharing and joining in the conversation!

Today's conversation is with my sweet friend Megan Hoeppner.

Megan has lots going on beyond being Mom to two of the most adorable little girls.  She is:
* editor-in-chief, Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine
* Gardner Village (local shopping center) weekly blogger
* Teacher for Creating Keepsakes Events, Annie's Online Classes, Big Picture Classes, and CreativeLive
* Monthly contributor to Studio 5, a local lifestyle TV program in Utah

She shares my love of collaborating and connecting with others! That's what has her heart--people! Hearing unique stories and sharing her own unique stories. Professionally, it doesn't get much better than that for her!

Enjoy our chat:

Cultivating Creativity with Megan Hoeppner from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

There were lots of little treasures from our chat.  I thought about how Megan was talking about those shifts in our life that change who you are, or how you feel about your life.  Whether it is for her being a newer mom, or if you are hitting a milestone age, changing jobs, etc.  Whatever the life change, you may notice a difference in how you are adding creativity to your life.  We need to keep that in mind and not get down on ourselves if we are feeling less excited about being creative, or if our focus is on other things.  I do believe even if changes in our day to day lives precludes us from creating as much as we want to, we can keep creativity in our lives, it just may just be in a different form.

Perhaps you are working tons of hours to meet deadlines, so you don't have an hour to paint, draw, or sew for instance.  Consider thinking about a fun crockpot recipe you can try in the morning before you go off for your day.  You have to eat.  You can't survive on drive thru food all week, nor should you.  If you have your hands full with taking care of kids and just don't have the time to spend on your craft, can you fit in bits of time doing something in the car while you wait to pick the kids up?  Or can you plan a craft to involve all the kids?

Your creativity will be two -fold, one being thinking outside the box on how you can fit in the creativity, and two will be finding something that works for your life, today.  Don't despair if your favorite thing is sewing and you don't have the time to sew these days.  Your days won't always be as they are today.  It will be something you can come back too when your days calm down.

Enjoy your Sunday!  Thanks again to Megan for joining us!!

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