Day 24: Cultivating Creativity with Marci Welcker

Happy Sunday All!

I hope you have a fun-filled day planned with friends and/or family and a little Creativity and rest.

We attended Mass, then breakfast and we'll be doing Yard-work next!   I'll be working on my class prep for the Fall Semester of Handmade U a little later today while Jim works on some Pulled Pork, and a smoked Chicken to make into Chicken Salad for the week - YUM.

It's about that time I start getting excited for all the women that will descend upon our homestead and share our Barn and Land with us (and some Pulled Pork.)

I also need to reach out to our right-hand Nicole to start chatting about desserts and snacks too!  Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

I want to share with you a lovely conversation I had with Marci Welcker of Find Your Wild Heart.  She is a retreat hostess and Certified Soul Restoration Instructor for Brave Girls Club.  You can find her on FB at the link above.  On IG @findyourwildheart and at her webpage  She is coming to us from the beautiful state of Utah where they are building an amazing little Art Cabin for upcoming classes.  Swoon!

Take a listen to what Marci shares with me today!

Cultivating Creativity with Marci Welcker from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

I love the insights that she shares about going to the things you love when you are stressed or need the creative outlet. That sewing or art journaling for her are forgiving projects so that helps with her need for perfection because it can always be adjusted or redone. We don't always have to be learning something new, we can go to our "soothing" projects that we know how to do and just enjoy to allow ourselves the confident joy.

Also remember that we are all creative in our own unique ways. I love that Marci acknowledges her sister in law is the best gift giver and that is how she is creative. Isn't it fun to recognize and find those things in your friends and family? Let them know that you appreciate those unique gifts in them.

Thank you Marci!!

Enjoy your day All!!


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