Day 2: Cultivating Creativity with Vikki Spencer

Welcome to our first day of the AMAZING conversations that I am having with some wonderfully inspiring women.  I would bet that you will find a little bit of yourself in each of these special guests! I do hope you enjoy them as much as I am having Skyping with these ladies!

To kick it off I have a super awesome convo.  I venture to say even Phenomenal based on the quality of my guest.  Vikki Spencer is the real deal.  I'm so happy to call her my friend and I think after you listen to her thoughts on Creativity you'll want to call her a friend as well.

Vikki Spencer is a mom coach, speaker and author inspiring women from every stage in motherhood to be their most phenomenal. A former high school teacher, she teaches moms to create lives and families that flow with passion and purpose. She calls them to use their emotional, mental, and spiritual resources to learn about themselves then intentionally care for and influence their families.

Vikki also wrote the book Momifesto; 9 Practices for Phenomenal Moms and you can find her online at

Vikki Spencer on Cultivating Creativity from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

Thanks for joining us in this convo!  Good thing we got out most of our giggles before we started recording.

I'm not sure about you but after that convo I am inspired to get some play-doh or make some straight away!  I think the smell of play-doh will really bring me back to my 6 year old self!  Am I dating myself if I say I remember when there were only 3 colors of play-doh??

Now look at this!  :

Here is a recipe for Play-dough if you want to whip some up in your kitchen!  This is much like the one we made when I was little!  HERE

How about the Bubble idea? I think Cora McGough would love these too!

I mean how awesome are these HUGE BUBBLES?? Cora might get caught in one of those and blow away!!

If you are intrigued by the Creativity book that Vikki mentioned here it is, I think I need to order a copy!

Don't forget a good coloring book will always make you feel like a kid again! A sweet friend of mine sent me this coloring book when I retired last Fall. I have yet to start it!! I will be busting it out to work on it in July!

Grab some crayons, colored pencils, if you have them.  Otherwise find a fun pack here:

My thoughts and ideas for you today:

I think a lot of the gals are mentioning being around other creatives, and friends as being something that is inspiring. Not only can we find inspiration online, but having today's conversation with Vikki reminded me {sad I need to be reminded!} that seeing people live {whether on Skype or in person} does something for your soul that is so so good. After our conversation I am all kinds of inspired. From play-doh to business goals, all of it starts ideas moving and grooving in your brain.

My suggestion to you is whether you meet a friend for a coffee, set up a play date with a fellow Mom and let her know you'll be bringing a fun project that you two can work on while your kids play away,  or set up a Skype date with a friend across the country, connect face to face. Having instant access to laughs and encouragement does tons for your Creativity.  Cultivate those friendships and your creativity with be as well.

Join other creatives online at Brave Girl University if you are looking for a tribe!  Join HERE

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