Day 14 - Cultivating Creativity with Melsha Shea

Hi Everyone!  We are nearly half way through the month!  Do you feel yourself getting inspired?  I hope you are looking at the things around you and seeing more beauty and more ideas in your day to day life!

Today's interview is with my good friend Melsha Shea!  She is coming to us from Alberta Canada.  Melsha hosts Shift Events, teaches on Brave Girls University with me, and is a Certified Soul Restoration Instructor for Brave Girls.  You'll be able to take all sorts of classes from her coming soon so get on her Shift List for more info!  You can find her on her website HERE, or on IG @melshashea

Listen in to our chat!

Day 14: Cultivating Creativity with Melsha Shea from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

Who is up to try something that you may have been scared to do in July??  I'm not necessarily recommending Sky diving, although if you want to get creative with your adrenaline producing activities that might be a good one, but trying a new thing in your daily life that your a bit nervous about.  Perhaps it is Hot Yoga, or Zumba, or pulling out a blank canvas with a handful of different art supplies and seeing what happens!  Try it, and maybe you'll find it wasn't so scary after all!!

We'll watch for Melsha's canvas at #cultivatingcreativity  , thanks Melsha!!

What are the things that you find you are gifted at doing?  Are you a gifted baker?  gifted seamstress? gifted hostess?  Artist? gardener?  Tune into yourself and really think about those things.  Those are the things to highlight and grow into!  It will bring you great joy!


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