Day 20: Cultivating Creativity with Michelle Duke.

Hi Everyone!  Day 20!  Can you believe this is our 20th amazing lady that has joined in to chat about Creativity?  I am still in awe over all the conversations and the bits of wisdom shared in each by these fine women!

Today's conversation is wonderful as well!  Michelle Duke, Aka The Duchess of, she is an Event Planner and Mixed media artist.  She also shared with us a little preview that she is also getting ready to launch a new blog
It's an idea she has had for years...  A continuing collection of short stories.  Michelle has always loved to write... and she will have featured authors and co- authors. It's developing!  We are excited to see where it goes for her!  Michelle also is a contributors to my Hosting Gatherings and Creative Retreat book that is in the works.  I can't wait to share her thoughts and wisdom on that topic as well!

Thanks Michelle for our chat today!  And we appreciate the beautiful backdrop of your back yard!  Hope you didn't get too wet from the rain :)    Great advice from Michelle, I especially loved carrying a sketchbook when you travel or just heading about your daily routine to write things down when inspiration hits.

I also like the idea that we can all go to places we haven't been to, or been in awhile. Whether it is a trip out of town, or just down the road to a museum perhaps you've never been to, just a change of scenery and being present in those moments will bring you inspiration.

Where are your favorite places for inspiration??

Have a Creative Day!

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