Day 26: Cultivating Creativity with Vanessa Kiki Johanning

Happy Day 26!

If you aren't having a good day or need a reason to smile today you have come to the right place!  I was lucky enough to have some time with this next special guest and my cheeks hurt after our chat from smiling so much, for real guys!


Vanessa "Kiki " Johanning is an international full time Mixed Media Artist with more than 20 years' experience who loves to find the sparkle in your eye while embellishing every surface of life!
A passionate collector of embroidered doilies, smiles, and experiences. She plays at a wonderful Imaginarium Design Studio, and is represented by several galleries in the Midwest. She is a published Trendspotter, Designer, Art Event Teacher and Inspirationalist. Everyday..looking for happy life changing moments!

Find her at her website HERE

And on IG @vanessakikijohanning

Please join in on this colorful - FUN - conversation on Creativity!

Cultivating Creativity with Vanessa Kiki Johanning from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

So there is a lot in there that inspired me! First I have to say I love that Kiki carries glitter with her. I am thinking it could really diffuse some boring or frustrating situations in your day!

Also I think I need some pom poms!

Also consider your little creative work area as a safe space that you can create - no one has to be watching!

Don't take yourself so seriously - remember as Kiki says - It is your one and only life!

Put your hands on your supplies! You can't create anything if you don't!

Make something - share your true self!

Thanks Kiki it was such a joy chatting with you!! xoxo



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