Day 18: Cultivating Creativity with Niece Jordan, Age 7

Hi All!

I have a super special guest today, our niece Jordan.  I know that the thread of creativity flows through all of us, especially children.  I wanted to explore whether kids felt the same way about creativity as we do as adults.  Take a listen in to my conversation with Jordan to see what I discovered!

Cultivating Creativity with our Niece Jordan Age 7 from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

So Jordan's recommendation is to choose your favorite artist and use their techniques to make something very different than what they typically make. So if Alma Thomas inspired you too, use the squares technique to create something new, perhaps a village, or a lake scene. Thanks Jordan for sharing this Artist with us!

Here is a new Art Book about Alma's work that looks like it will be pretty amazing.

Also let's keep Jordan's attitude about comparison in mind. If you see work that someone else is doing, rather than to compare and not feel your work will be good enough, think about something COOL YOU can do. What is your special talent or idea that you can share with the world? You never know who will see it and think how COOL your work is!

Thanks Jordan for your perspective on Creativity! We all can learn from you!

Artwork by Jordan
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