Day 12: Cultivating Creativity with Becky Rourk

Hello Everyone and I hope to catch you still on Day 12!

I did a quick day trip today out of town to see my husband in action for his job and support him so I hadn't gotten a video prepared for the day!  When I got home I thought I might have to get creative again with some other type of Creativity Tip for you, but I completely LUCKED out and found sweet Becky Rourk online and she was willing to download Skype on her phone and jump on a conversation on her way to bed!  How is that for being a team player in Creativity?!?  Thanks so much Becky!  You saved me ;)

Becky Rourk is a copywriter, producer and loves to entertain.  You can find her on IG @rrebeck61

Take a quick listen to our late-night chat and forgive the bad lighting ;)

Cultivating Creativity with Becky Rourk from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

Thanks to Becky for her great tips!  I completely agree with the gather some girlfriends together to have some creative time.  Not only will it be a fun chance to catch up with the gals but you'll inspire each other.  Bellinis aren't a bad idea either.

I also appreciate Becky's thoughts on going into her art studio and just touching some of her fun supplies.  Even if you have a bag or a box of supplies in the back of a closet, when you want to get inspired, OR if you are too tired to create, but still want to try to be creative, just surround yourself with some supplies and look at them.  Sometimes just holding and leafing through some of your fabrics, or colored pencils will get you in right frame of mind to be creative.  If it doesn't actually get you started on something, it'll get you thinking about it, which is creative in of itself!!

Here is hoping you gather your girls and get some creative sparks flying!!


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