Day 5: Cultivating Creativity with Nicole Nechanicky

Hola to Day 5 Everyone!

Did you all enjoy some fireworks last night?  Did it spark creativity in your mind?  Anyone try new games or recipes or projects with the family yesterday??

We had s'mores and grilled out, flying kites on the beach and little friendly poker game to celebrate Independence Day!

Today's conversation is with our Right-Hand Gal from Handmade U.  We love Nicole Nechanicky and as you begin following her and the amazing farmland pictures she takes and shares you will as well.  Nicole is from Central Iowa, manages Gatherings, a special events locale, and makes us all drool with her baking skills on IG @FarmGirlChaos.

We talk again about cake, cupcakes in particular, and how not all creativity needs to be about arts and crafts.  Enjoy!
I love seeing all the little touches Nicole is putting into her new home.  I have a Junkers heart too and love shopping the local antiques shops, and markets.  If you don't have those kinds of shops nearby you can certainly find items that will work to give you the same effect.

I love the Red Radio Flyer idea to build a fun garden:

Some fun pails to paint perhaps or just fill with plants or veggies:

We also talked about how you don't have to make everything from scratch to make special treats for your friends and/or family. Sandra Lee has some fun cookbooks out that share ways to cut down on time by using some prepackaged items in your recipes. Here are a few of those:

I'm looking forward to some gals posting their fun goodies they make with #cultivatingcreativity! I loved seeing the cake Nicole made after our conversation! YUM! Thanks Nicole!


My additional thoughts on creativity today:
Schedule the time if you aren't getting your creativity in. If only 15 minutes, make note of when you plan on doing it, or else we all know the day can get away from us and we will end the day without having taken any time for ourselves and our creative time.

Keep at it! I believe in you!


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