Day 16 : Cultivating Creativity with Carey Powell

Happy Saturday and Day 16!

What Creative Things are you doing with your weekend?? I was excite to get to spend a couple hours with my Nebraska Planner Addict Gals at a local craft store to meet up and chat! So fun to see what everyone was working in and chat about Creativity with them. Go check out our Facebook Live video on my Handmade U FB page!! HERE. So fun, thanks girls for being such great sports in my first FB LIVE!! Thanks Megan for teaching me how to use it!

Today I am also excited to share my video(s) with Carey Powell. Carey is a lover of all creative and crafty things. She is an avid gardener from Northern California and a Handmade U Alum and member of the Handmade U Stitch Team! Listen in on our conversation! Find her on IG @careypowell or on Facebook @AccordingtoCarey

Carey inspired me to sit outside as well, so we have two videos due to a little internet slow down! :)

Video #1

Cultivating Creativity with Carey Powell #1 from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

Video #2

Cultivating Creativity with Carey Powell #2 from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

Thanks to Carey for joining me! So fun to catch up and chat with her. Take her advice, don't let Comparison be the Thief of your JOY! What are your intentions with your creativity? Are you walking through your life with your eyes wide open for inspiration?? What is coming to you when you do that? Then are you having the courage to do something with those ideas?

All Good Stuff CAREY!!

I find that asking questions to others and having conversations with others gets me thinking in ways I may not have thought of just on my own. Throw out ideas to others and listen to what they have to say as well! Who knows what ideas will come from those creative conversations!

Enjoy your weekend!! I hope you are being courageous in your Creativity!


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