Day 3: Cultivating Creativity with Shae Otto

Welcome to Day 3 of Cultivating Creativity in July!

Our special guest today is Shae Otto, one of the sweetest and kindest gals you will meet.  

Shae lives in Southern Indiana, has been happily married for 16 years to her husband Randy and homeschools their two boys.  Shae has loved arts and crafts since she was a little girl and you will hear how she doesn't just focus on one type of art but loves to dabble in many!  

She is also a Handmade U Alum and member of my Handmade U Stitch TEAM!  I need to get a new pattern out to the team for July!  So perhaps we'll have something new to share soon!  I always enjoy seeing Shae's smiling face and having her take tons of pics for me during the Handmade U retreats!  

Listen in on our conversation and see that you aren't alone if you suffer from CRAFTING A.D.D.!

Au Bien on 2016-06-29 at 10.24 from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

Thanks so much to Shae for joining me!  I loved our chat.  I am going straight out to restock my different tote bags with different projects to work on and be OK with that!

As an added note from our convo Shae wanted to also include this for you:

"Sometimes our creative time is limited by responsibilities that are important to us. We can't or don't want to change those responsibilities. Our time is largely committed and that is okay. I believe it is important to remember that meeting those obligations is a part of our creative process-it may be more defined or structured but we bring our talent to those situations also. For example, homeschooling my children, homemaking, and volunteering are big time commitments that I don't want to change and I look for ways to add something creative each day in those areas. However, I still feel the desire to create freely---stitching, painting, photography, sewing. I don't have as much time to devote to it right now. By being prepared for the moments when they come, I find more moments. 💛💛💛"

If you'd like to follow Shae and see what Creativity she is bringing about in July find her on Instagram @aubien

We'd love you to comment below to share what resonated with you in our conversation!

Keep the Hashtagged pics coming at #CultivatingCreativity on Instagram and Facebook to show everyone what you are working on in July.  Remember it doesn't have to be art or crafts, anything and everything that is inspiring you to be creative!

Ideas Inspired from Shae's Conversation

Travel Tote Bags for all your different projects:

This is my favorite Tote to hold all my painting items, and all my drawing supplies.  It's also fun to decorate & paint too!

I also love the fun travel supplies to have at hand to grab and create:

While you are at it if you have kids it might be a good idea to have a little pack of supplies for them to enjoy too!

Hope you enjoy putting together you totes full of supplies so they are ready for your pockets of creative time!!

Creatively Yours,


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