Day 27: Cultivating Creativity with Melody Ross

We only have a few more days of July left, can you believe how much we've packed in so far??

And we aren't done yet!!

Melody Ross is our special guest on the blog today chatting about Cultivating Creativity!

Melody is married to a man she is madly in love with, they are parents to 5 creative fabulous kids, a full time artist, writer and forever seeker of all things beautiful and true.  She is the co-founder of Brave Girls' Club and all the amazing things that come from that!  She is coming to us from Idaho where she is a 4th Generation Idahoan!

Thanks Melody for joining us today!

Cultivating Creativity with Melody Ross from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

Are you all hearing a trend with these Creative women? The way to be Creative is to "Show Up" as Melody says. If time is your excuse, is there a way you can make better choices with your time so you can fit in being creative? Why don't you try Melody's recommendation today and add PLAY to your checklist of To-do's. Let us know if it works and what you make fun today. Let yourself do it for you and see how the ripple effects cascade over other areas of your life.

Does it also make you feel better to know that an Artist such as Melody let's us in on the knowledge that she may have 5 bad paintings underneath a beautiful Masterpiece? Every piece of art, every project, or even every recipe we make won't be a masterpiece people. Let's just all take a minute to say that out loud and let it sink in. "Everything I make WON'T be a Masterpiece." Does it lift a little weight off your shoulders? Let yourself be free to make some bad stuff. Laugh about it like Melody suggests! Then move on to your next attempt!!

Thanks again Melody for your thoughts today!!

Have a FUN Day!!


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