Day 11 - Cultivating Creativity with Jen Osborn

Hi All!  I hope you had a great Day 11 and were really creative today!

I had a Creative Day if I expand my definition of Creative as you'll learn more about in the wonderful conversation I had with our Guest Instructor for the Fall Semester of Handmade U - Jen Osborn today.  We chatted and chatted, so much so the video is nearly too big for our slow country internet.  So fingers crossed our speed picks up so I can post before the end of the night!!  Jen is an artist, writer, and maker...come take a listen.


Day 11 - Cultivating Creativity with Jen Osborn from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

Thanks to Jen for joining me today even in the midst of exciting news that she and her family will be moving to a new house which looks lovely in some beautiful woods!  Can't wait to watch for more pics of it soon.

Find Jen on IG @themessynest and check out her website

Want to learn from Jen this fall?  Come join us at Handmade U! Not signed up yet??  GO HERE for details.

Remember to try her tips of having a GO BAG, Having an IDEA JOURNAL as a Junk drawer for your brain!  And keeping the creativity just around you so it is easy to pull down when you have free moments!  All great stuff, thanks JEN!

So my creativity today was coming up with some fun things to share and inspire you without a special conversation in case I didn't have the video up in time, that and figuring out where to buy AC filters and replace them so our house would cool down!  Done and Done.

I also was lucky enough to have a quick Tea with my sweet friend Jennifer.  Time has flown by since the last time we had a chance to catch up!  The summer is in full swing for the both of us!

It was fun to catch up and makes me excited for the Fall Semester of Handmade U to have more time to see her and all the rest of the gals making their way to Nebraska in September.

Here are some ideas for you to try:

Have you been out on Youtube yet to find some fun tutorials to make something you've been wanting to try??

Why not try a really simple way to make some personalized notebooks to throw in your purse for your "Idea Journal" - You'll understand more of what that is meant for once you hear Jen's conversation with me!

I have a few fun tutorials on my Youtube Channel HERE, that show you simple ways to use greeting cards, postcards, etc in a fun way!

And one of the things I am missing from the Beach week is my Mother-In-Laws "Birdseed"  It is Lucky Charms, Peanuts, M&M's.  Very tasty and a fun snack while you play poker or do anything else really.

I hope to share with you tomorrow some samples of the clips we'll be making at the Fall Semester of Handmade U.  I am working out some ideas while I wait for the video to upload.  I will FINALLY be trying my laminating machine for the first - I've only owned it for a few years, so about time right?!

I'm dying to know what you all have worked on during our Creativity Challenge?  Tell me one thing!!  Remember it doesn't have to be a craft or art!  Got a good vacation snack like Birdseed?!  Please share!

Have a great night!


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