Day 15: Cultivating Creativity with Kelli May-Krenz

Happy Day 15!

And more importantly Happy Birthday to our Special Guest today Kelli May-Krenz! I hope you have an amazing day Kelli! Thanks so much for spending this time with us and sharing your thoughts on your creative life! You are an inspiration to all those that follow you and your beautiful work!

Kelli lives with her supportive husband and sweet puppy Pearl Button, who is the namesake for her business! Kelli is a creator, graphic designer, artist, Brave Girls University teacher, and sweet colorful soul.  Please go check her beautiful greeting cards out on her website!  So talented! Be inspired!

You can find Kelli lots of places!
IG @kellimaykrenz
Her Blog:
On FB @pearlbutton

Enjoy our conversation!

Cultivating Creativity with Kelli May-Krenz from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

I really love her idea of listening to music of any language that isn't your own. You wouldn't be focused on singing along to the words, but it would be background inspiration for you to focus on your creative work.

I also love the tip of having a bowl of scraps that you can just go and do something with to get going, that it just is a some something, not meant to turn into a big something, but just a practice run to get your hands moving and your creative flow going. Also keeping a basket of stuff just to go to for fun supplies.

So go do something that is for nothing. Listen to your whispers about what your true gifts are and cultivate them. Also to help others Cultivate their own creativity be sure to recognize some folks today highlighting the gifts of their's you appreciate!

Go forth and be Creative!!

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