Day 4: Cultivating Creativity with Dianne Fago

Welcome to Day 4 and Happy Fourth of July!

How is your month of creativity going?? I know it is the 4th of July today and you may be busy with family and friends celebrating and enjoying time together, but that doesn't mean you can't be creative! Think about adding a new dip to the mix for your chips or veggies, or what about a new card game to play together? After an afternoon in the sun perhaps the kids need down time with some crayons, markers and paper, how about joining them?

Whatever it is, try and fit a little bit in your day to celebrate! Celebrate your freedom to create!

Listen in on my conversation with Dianne today. She has some fun tips of mini projects you can do in minutes, anywhere, and for very little cost. Win, Win, Win.

Cultivating Creativity with Dianne Fago from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

I know I have a stack of magazines waiting for me to come at them with scissors in hand and words on my mind. I'm picking up a glue stick at the store tomorrow while I am on vacation and I'm thinking it'll be a fun way to spend a little relaxing time, or time on the road home.

I love how Dianne shared that although she spent time creating those habits to be creative everyday, she does have times that other things get in the way, and it's ok.  Just get back on the creative process the next day or when you can.  Keep at it, and keep going.

Here are some ideas inspired by my conversation with Dianne!

Check out this adorable make-up bag that you could fill with art supplies to take and have with you on hand anywhere you go! I love that it says MAKE ME! Wouldn't that be nice if our projects yelled that us everyday?!

These are my favorite glue sticks for collaging:

I am using this Moleskine Notebook right now for some collaging pages:

Or grab a couple packs of playing cards to use as your mini canvases!

You can just glue directly on the cards, or if you want to do a little painting or drawing on the cards start with a layer of Gesso as Dianne was mentioning she liked to get her creative mood going by starting with one layer!

I recently tried Black Gesso for the first time at the last Handmade U and enjoyed the variety!

If you want to seal your collages rather than just glue stick things down, I'd suggest Mod Podge or another collage medium. Here are a few of my favorites:

I want to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!  I'm enjoying seeing what you all are making for our July Challenge!  Be sure to keep the photos coming and share these interviews with your pals to inspire them as well!


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