Day 4 - *NO PLAN* - 5 Reasons Why You Aren't Being Creative and How to Turn Them Around

Hi There!

Thanks for sticking with me and working through these excuses we have for not being Creative.  We've covered #1 - Perfection #2 - Comparison #3 - No Ideas/Too Many Ideas and now we are on Day 4.  So if you've made a list of a few ideas that you want to work you might be thinking, "OK, now what?!"  Where are all the supplies I need for this project?  What are the unique ingredients I don't have in my pantry that are needed for this new recipe?  How do I find a fun run for my whole family to participate in this summer??

All these questions that start popping up in your mind may make you again, stop in your tracks, derail you, {all the train analogies that you can think of...}.  So the 4th Excuse is "I DONT HAVE A PLAN, so how can I get this Creative Pursuit off the ground??"

I'm going to tell you something that is a HUGE SECRET!  This may be the most mind-blowing idea EVER!!  To get over your "I don't have a plan" excuse what you do is.....drum roll....


I know, I know, "WOW how did you ever come up with that one Rachel??!"  It is pretty simple, when I decide that I'd really like to make some Special Word cuffs, but boy I'd have to find a needle, some thread, some vintage fabrics, stamps, ink, mod podge, and a leather cuff...maybe a little more organization of my supplies would make it more simple...perhaps having a special art tote with everything I need would also get me geared up and ready for some creativity!  If only I had that tote all filled with the special things I need, I could just grab it and go with my Creative Self!

So let's do it!  Grab a tote, a shoe box or whatever it is you need to get yourself organized, create a plan for what you need and gather those items.  Add those special ingredients to your grocery list- starred and highlighted!  Part of Creativity tends to be somewhat counter-intuitive, you may need a plan.  You may need to make lists and spend time getting yourself ready for the Creativity you want to Cultivate.  Let's make planning just another step in Cultivating the Creativity you want in your life.

Let's say you decided one of your Creative Pursuits on your list is to learn how to make Creme Brûlée.  There are special tools you need, so get those on order or stop at Bed Bath and can find your cookbooks, print off a recipe from the internet, or I bet you could even find yourself a Youtube video that would walk you through it.  Let's make the learning part also a crucial step to Cultivating that Creativity.

We all have inherit creative sparks in us, we can pull those out and never need lessons.  However, there are plenty of things out there in life that having a lesson on will serve us well.  So take the steps necessary to learn those things!

Make a Plan so you will be ready to hit the ground running with your Creative Desires!!

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