On the 5th Day of Shopping Handmade - Julie Avery

Hi All!

A bit late, but here is my pick for Day 5 of Shopping Handmade!  Julie over at Lemony Stitch is having another restock of her super fun fabric washi tape tomorrow morning, so go follow her shop to have all of the news and updates!

I love Julie's eye for color and pattern.  Fabric washi is a really fun was to add a little extra something special to your holiday packages, as well as the perfect gift for your scrapbooker or planner friend!

Enjoy!  Happy Shopping Handmade!


Handmade U NEWS:

Cora McGough is helping me prepare for my one and only Maker's Market this weekend Saturday from 9 to 4 in Omaha - the Holly Jolly Boutique - Hampton Inn - Omaha West LakeSide, 17606 Arbor Plaza.  Come visit and see what all I've been creating!  All proceeds from my sales go to our Adoption Fun!!

Shop for a wide range of gifts made from vintage quilts and fabrics!  Zipper Pouches, Special Heart Word Cuffs, Prize Ribbons, Planner clips and MORE over at the Shop HERE!  

The Putting Yourself Out There Companion Course is now OPEN!  If you want to watch the August Topic and put all of it into practice for yourself - you will have a fun project and journaling prompts to help!  HERE is the link to join!

Want to join the Brave Girls University family??  - Join HERE! to take my Special Word Cuff course along with TONS of others you will receive as a member, join for one month or more!

**all your purchases help build our adoption fund for our future child, thank you so much for your support!

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