Day 1: It's a new month and a new topic for our Handmade U Conversations!

Welcome to August .... it's a month of new Handmade U conversations that will continue to inspire you!  

I had such a wonderful time chatting about Cultivating Creativity in July, the ladies had the best advice and shared so much wisdom, I loved it, I hope you did as well.  If you missed any of the chats go HERE to see all the ladies who joined us.

August brings a broader topic, one that will get you thinking, I really think it will.  Are you ready to expand your mind once again?!  Are you ready to dig a little deeper to find yourself and maybe share a little bit more?  I hope you are ready because this month's topic is "Putting Yourself Out There!"

Did your stomach just drop a little when you read that topic?  Did a bit of panic set in? Or did you think "OK, where is the stage?!?"  

Here is a little more on the topic:

Welcome to August- Putting Yourself Out There from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

This idea of putting yourself out there is different for every single person.  For some it might be posting a photo of their artwork on Instagram, for others it is getting in front of an audience to share a story from their lives, or maybe it is signing up for a race that you want to start training for, it is something for everyone.  It is about sharing your world with those around you, or out there in the land of the inter-webs, making connections one by one!  It can be so beneficial for you and those who you will inspire.

There are many reasons why we could be hesitant or worry about putting ourselves out there.  We could be just straight up afraid.  Afraid of what others will say, that we will expose too much of ourselves, that others won't accept us, on and on...   Let's put it in perspective for a moment.  What is the worst thing that can happen?  What is the absolute worst?!  Maybe you get a negative or less that positive comment, or bad feedback.  Can you be ok with that??  Can you get with the fact that sometimes people are just negative, sometimes it is about them and not you?  Sometimes our stuff is just not someone else's cup of tea!  And sometimes they don't know how to just live by the "If you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all" Motto!

Here is a little bit more on the topic:

Handmade U- Putting Yourself Out There - Why we aren't and why we should! from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

I think you will come to find that good feedback and positive responses will outweigh the negative.  Putting yourself out there will give you the chance to find those who will love what you are doing, and that will make those few naysayers seem quiet and weak once you find all those who will support and raise you up!  You will find those who will embrace you, become a cheerleader for you, and who will be inspired by you to do their "thing" in the world.

What if we were all sharing the absolute best of ourselves with the world?!  Can you imagine what a better world we'd be living in?  Inspire, encourage and share people!

I'm looking forward to sharing with you these conversations in August.  The topics run the gamete,  not all are about creative pursuits, all include a little bit about life and the areas in which we put ourselves out there!  Don't miss any of them.  These women really open themselves up to share their stories and touch our lives!  I couldn't be more grateful for them and you!!

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Now go be Creative....

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