Day 25: Putting Yourself Out There with Sherri Welser

Welcome to our Handmade U conversation today with Sherri Welser.

Sherri Welser is a mixed media artist and jewelry artisan who combines wonderful textures ,vibrant colors and inspirational messages in her work.  She is located in the Fingerlakes Region of NY State and has been featured in many national magazines including Somerset studio and Jewelry Affair to name a few. She also hosts Art Retreats and just recently hosted her latest retreat " Art Of A Gypsy" in her new art studio in the woods.

You can find her on IG @wildheartart
and FB @WildHeartartSherri

Also her website

Come listen to her story, it is such a lesson in using tragedy to put ourselves out there to help others.

Putting Yourself Out There with Sherri Welser from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

We all go through things, have loss, tragedies, struggles and challenges in our lives.  How many of us use these experiences to help others?  How many of us put ourselves out there to share those stories in hopes of helping others.  This might not be for everyone, but consider this, perhaps sharing your story, using your experience to help others can be healing and helpful for yourself too.

Also consider that putting yourself out there in small ways just to connect with people.  Ask about the stories behind people's tattoos like Sherri's Mom does!  What a fun way to make a connection with people!  There are people that need to say things and people that need to hear those things as Sherri put it, so true.  Which are you?!  Or maybe you are both!

I love Sherri's point that Everyone has the ability to change a life in by doing small things.

Make those connections, just show up.  If you have experienced a loss of a child and want to reach out to Sherri to receive more information on her upcoming retreat for those who have, use the connects above to find her!  Thanks Sherri for what you put into the world!

Now go be creative!


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