Day 13: Putting Yourself Out There with Sandy Glass

Hope your weekend is going great!  It's a sunny day out on the Homestead, I'm chipping away at the  weeds that have gotten out of hand!!!  For a little treat after our yard work, I'm baking some banana bread, hoping that helps us forget about a few achey bones later!

Today's conversation comes from our favorite Miamian, Sandy Glass once again.  Sandy is the brain behind Crafty Brains, living in Miami with her husband and two kiddos.  Sandy teaches classes in English and Spanish in her home, and has a new class on Brave Girl University.  Sandy is also a Certified Soul Restoration instructor for Brave Girls Club.  You can find her on IG @craftybrains.

Sandy's class on Brave Girls University is a fun and simple to make project to personalize your sun hat! Super cute! I can't wait to see what people make! I could really have used one this morning while weeding! I think I'll order one and add some personalization, now to think what I should say on the brim!

Putting Yourself Out There with Sandy Glass and Handmade U from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

I think we can all relate to Sandy when she shared that in the beginning before she put herself out there she was being creative for herself, to decorate her home for her family, and wasn't thinking that anyone else would be interested in what she was making.  Luckily for us, a friend encouraged her to share what she was doing, and thus sent her down a road of creating, sharing, inspiring and teaching.

We really do share a glimpse into our lives and who we are if we are sharing what we are doing in a honest and authentic way on the internet.  We can build meaningful connections when we do this and create a community of like-minded peeps.

So don't be afraid of failing, what is the worst that can happen?  Move through your insecurities and FACE THE WORLD!  You never know what wonderful things wait on the other side!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Now Go Be Creative....


The Putting Yourself Out There Online course is now LIVE.  If you are watching these conversations and wondering how to put all of this into practice for yourself - you will have a fun project and journaling prompts to help!  HERE is the link to join!

TWO DAYS LEFT TO SIGN UP FOR our Fall semester!!  I'm finishing up name tags this weekend, shall I make you one??

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Want to join the Brave Girls University family??   Take Sandy's new class!  I think you'll love it. - Join HERE! to take my course along with TONS of others you will receive as a member.

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