Day 6: Putting Yourself Out There with Hope Ellington & Handmade U

Hi Everyone!

Happy Weekend!  Today's Special Guest is Hope Ellington.  Hope opened Girlfriends on the Farm in 2012 on her farm in an antique Blacksmith shop.  She has 22 unique and talented artists and collectors of vintage and antique items that fill her shop.  Creating has been an integral part of her life, rarely is there not an idea looming away in her mind.  She lives in Bloomington, IN.

You can find Hope at her etsy shop HopeEllingtonDesigns
on IG @hopeellingtondesigns
Her website is

Come listen to Hope's conversation with me while she is hanging out at the County FAIR!!

Putting Yourself Out There with Hope Ellington from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

It makes me want to run over to a fair and have a corndog does it for you too??

Thanks Hope for joining us today!! I loved our chat and hearing about how you created such a fun shop and space for women to help them put themselves out there too! We really do inspired people to step outside their comfort zones when we take those steps to do it for ourselves.

I like how Hope summarized that there are times in our lives that we don't feel great about ourselves, that we might not measure up, and sometimes it takes digging into those things that are holding us back, doing the work to improve those situations, and then the sky is the limit once we have the confidence!

Have the courage, take a small step today, contact a magazine, reach out to someone that has inspired you, connect.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!! Thanks HOPE!!

Now go be creative,


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