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Day 2: Putting Yourself Out There with Susan Sanelli Hammack

Good Day 2 to you!

I am happy to kick off the Putting Yourself Out There conversations with a women who I met earlier this year.

Susan is a professional visual artist and designer as well as a trained expressive arts facilitator, space holder, and life coach.

She creates artul soulful events, programs, and courses for the healing and empowerment of women and girls as well as lush artwork, designs, and handmade items that are a reflection of her soul work.

In her spare time you can find her on the beach walking her dog Roxy or hunting for vintage vinyl with her husband and two daughters near their home in Pacifica, California.

Susan is also a Brave Girls University instructor with me and is just releasing her class on the site any day now! She also has just released a free workbook if you join her newsletter, see her website below!

Find her over on her website HERE
On IG @susansanellihammack

Susan is a lot of fun and easy to talk with, which I appreciate oh so much. Come take a listen, this is a fun and inspiring chat!

Putting Yourself Out There with Susan Sanelli Hammack from Rachel McGough on Vimeo.

I took a whole page of notes after I listened to our chat again. My highlights from Susan's words were as follows:

1. Be Vulnerable!

2. Risk Rejection!

3. Open ourselves up to the possibility of connection!

4. The more you do it, the more you realize you are CAPABLE!

5. Surround yourself with positive people!

6. Your efforts never go to waste!

7. You only fail if you do not TRY!

There is a ton more I took from our chat, but those are the '!' points in my mind. You really only fail if you do not try - so yesterday I took that to heart....  I have been wanting to create some fun polymer clay planner clips for some time now. I didn't know how to make them, I thought maybe it was more complicated than it was, I didn't think I'd be able to get mine to look like those I had admired on some fun etsy shops, so I hadn't made any.

Since I plan on teaching a number of different planner clip techniques at Handmade U next month, I really wanted to be able to share the polymer clay technique with the ladies. So yesterday I just did it. I just started, I risked complete failure, I figured my first efforts wouldn't go to waste, they'd be a foundation to learning more and improving. And you know what happened? I made a few cute clips! I posted them on my Instagram and everything ;) I have since picked up a few more tips on polishing it up a bit and will add the new tricks to my next round! But I didn't fail because I tried.

A few of the books that Susan referenced are below. I have had The Artist's Way sitting here staring at me for awhile now.   I think it is time to start it. Anyone else want to read it with me??


And of course we all love Dr. Seuss, I'm think this would be a nice little reminder for my wall!


Thanks so much to Susan for being our guest chatter today! I always enjoy a good talk with her!

Now go be creative!!


The Putting Yourself Out There Online course is now LIVE.  If you are watching these conversations and wondering how to put all of this into practice for yourself - you will have a fun project and journaling prompts to help!  HERE is the link to join!

Join us for our Fall semester of Handmade U!  Details and Sign up HERE.

Want to join the Brave Girls University family??  - Join HERE! to take my course along with TONS of others you will receive as a member.

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